Want a steady stream of leads for your business?

Discover how you can significantly grow your sales and profits through our proven 5C lead generation system which has been designed exclusively for service based businesses and consultants.

Introducing ignis2x – the best sales and lead generation service designed to bring you highly targeted customers from our team of specialised digital marketing experts and high ticket closers.


We are so confident that we can help increase your top line, that we offer a 50% retainer cashback GUARANTEE on delivering ROI performance.

Psst...Here's Our Secret Sauce!

STEP 1 - Book a Free Business Strategy Review Call

Step 2 - Craft the Roadmap

We have a specialised marketing strategy review and provide the outline and plan moving forward that we will implement.

Step 3 - Plan Execution

Daily execution of the marketing plan, including testing and measurement, adjustments and optimizations. This is where we put in the hours and the brain juice.

Step 4 - Lead Capture

Now that we have your ideal clients interested, we focus on making the sale process as streamlined as possible to ensure a GREAT customer experience.

Step 5 - High Ticket Closing

If required, we offer sales services and close deals for you on a 100% performance only basis meaning you only pay for results.

How Are We Able to Offer a ROI Guarantee?

We are VERY selective as to who we work with. We will ONLY work with businesses that we KNOW we can deliver excellence for.

What Other's Say About the Team

Team, I cannot tell you how greatful I am for the dedication, care and support you’ve demonstrated to date. Your level of knowledge and expertise is something truly impressive!
Joe Smith
BOOM! Another $15K sale! What is next? The sky is the limit, feel so good that it’s you guys putting in the hours to achieve this and not me!
Sandy Smith
Financial Planner
Thank you so much for the support in optimizing our funnel. AMAZING service and very easy to work with. I’ll be back!
Sarah Smith
Estate Agent

Tell us About Your Service?

We help high ticket services and consultants generate leads and close sales through our proven 5C specialist process so that you can make more money with less effort whilst focusing on what really matters; adding value to your clients.

Lead Generation We do the hard work and hunt for your ideal clients by focusing on quality of engagement.
High Ticket Selling Check to see if you qualify to work with our sales team.
LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads Management Our specialists optimise, test, measure, rinse and repeat - so you don't have to.

Free Business Strategy Review

Let's work together on solving your issue.

What Makes Us Different

We work exclusively with services, consultants and influencers. What makes us unique is that we don't hire generalists to do specialist work. We only work with talented individuals who are well suited to delivering you excellence.


Done for You Sales


Specialists Team Only


Engagement Centric


Funnel Optimisation

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